Cordings - Ecommerce Mentoring


Cordings of Piccadilly lead the market in high quality, classic Bri9sh clothing. We spent half a day a month with them reviewing their Analytcs and SEO progress and working with them to set and meet KPI targets.


We developed a KPI (key performance indicator) report with Cordings, based on their objectives, and set targets for conversion rate and engagement. With these targets in place we set about identifying conversion blockers. These were based on Analytics, funnel data, best prac9ce design and usability tests. We met twice a month to review our working list of actions and updated KPI reports. Meeting regularly and seKng targets gave the relevant parties discipline and accountability.


We addressed the following areas: customer segmentation; abandoned checkout follow up; email strategy; merchandising; checkout optimisation; international strategy; SEO, Pay Per Click and Retargeting. With these programs we aim to use data to highlight an area that needs improvement. We suggest changes and expected outcomes. We also aim to teach everything we know to our clients so that we’re only needed once.


Improvements have been wide ranging and have had an impact on operations, marketing and site design. By optimising small elements across the site we saw a 38% increase in conversion rate compared to the previous year, after four months.