Pouch Google Analytics Case Study



Pouch (JoinPouch.com) is a Chrome extension that automatically finds and displays the best voucher codes as you shop online, on over 3,000 UK stores. They launched in Autumn 2016 with inadequate tracking, and so - despite great PR success and great user response - Pouch didn’t know exactly how many times the extension had been installed, used, or uninstalled. 

We spent some time in March 2017 reviewing their incomplete Analytics data to find an accurate installation number they could present to their investors. We also created a roadmap for accurate and useful data collection through Google Analytics. 

What we did

Ultimately, we were able to work out an accurate total number of installations between September and March. Although we were unable to provide detail on uninstall numbers, the most successful channels for generating installations, or whether the app had been used successfully. 

As such we worked with Pouch to update a number of Analytics reports. This included correcting the event tracking and existing event labelling; adding cross domain tracking as well correcting UTM tracking formats and Adwords linking. 


Here’s what Jonny from Pouch had to say about he work we did for them:

“Moneyspyder’s work allowed Pouch to take a highly data driven approach to user acquisition marketing, getting our cost per acquisiton down from £3.00 to £1.80 in a matter of weeks."

In all honestly, the work Moneyspyder did for us back in March was game changing and really help us understand what is going on in our business.”

And Finally…

If you run an ecommerce business and are interested in working with Pouch here’s a bit more information:

Pouch works with over 3,000 retailers including some of the largest in the UK, helping them reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and market new offer to their now sizable user base. If you want to see how Pouch could help you increase sales, email jonny@joinpouch.com