Shopify Apps

In 2018 we launched our first Shopify App. Our aim is to distill the proven features of our bespoke ecommerce platform into apps that can easily plug into, and enhance, a Shopify store.

We have started simply with Ahoy.

About Ahoy

If you want to receive phone calls from people in different countries it’s a good idea to show them local phone numbers on your website. This will increase their confidence in your business (ie. you have a local presence in their country) and improve call volumes and international orders.

Another benefit is that if you have a toll free number in the UK, often these don’t work in other countries or they charge the user a fortune to call.

The usual solution for displaying international phone numbers is to offer the user a drop-down list of phone numbers for different countries. Sometimes you even have to go to a separate page to select your country phone number. This app will automatically show the correct number to your users, based on their geolocation.

Ahoy is designed to allow you to show specific numbers to different countries. So whether you have a different number for lots of countries, or just one domestic number and another international number, you can manage who sees what with ease.

If you are looking for help with installation you can visit our help page here.